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Dark Rising is a strategy game that mixes the play styles of tower defense and real time strategy (RTS). You must build towers, train soldiers, and equip them with the best weapons and armor to withstand the undead hoard. Every wave the enemy gain strength, only wise planning and the bravest soldiers can prevent this apocalypse.

The game will have two modes of play, a "Survival" mode and an "Adventure" mode. Fight until the death to break high-scores and unlock achievements in survival mode. Or, in adventure mode you can play through a series of increasingly difficult levels. In-between each level you will have a chance to customize your castle to your liking.


  • Base Building
  • Equip soldiers with weapons and armor.
  • Soldiers gain experience while fighting.
  • Simple resource management: balance population, food, and water in order to train more soldiers.
  • Customize your castle in adventure mode.
  • Undead zombies, spooky ghosts, larva golems, giant spiders and more.
  • Full game will have around 10 adventure levels of increasing difficulty.
  • Endless survival mode.
  • Online leader-boards (requires game-jolt account).

Please note that Dark Rising is currently in development and some of these features are not yet implemented.

Get Involved

Dark Rising is a work in progress that is in active development. Please share your idea's, report bugs and give tips on the game's balancing. Every comment, tiny or large, goes a long way.

Twitter: @JoshOlyGames

Website: Dark Rising Official Website

Indie DB: Dark Rising on IndieDB

Controls and Information

"W" or "Up Arrow" Scroll view forward
"S" or "Down Arrow" Scroll view backwards
"A" or "Left Arrow" Scroll view left
"D" or "Right Arrow" Scroll view right
"Left Click" Select building / Place building / action
"Right Click" Attack or give command
"Mouse Wheel" Zoom in and out
"Q" Rotate view counter-clockwise
"E" Rotate view clockwise
"C" Switch between castle and church.

F12 Take a screenshot

Version 0.3.0

More information

Published 1 year ago
StatusIn development
Release date 1 year ago
Tags3D, ghosts, indie, Medieval, Real time strategy, Tower Defense, towers, unity, War, Zombies
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityConfigurable controls

Install instructions

1. Click the "download" button below.

2. Unzip "Dark Rising.zip" folder.

3. Run the "Dark Rising.exe" application.


Dark Rising.zip (79 MB)


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I do recommend this game its pretty good. For my Gameplay click here